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Caine Warburton – Training 4 -17 Feb


Views from the Austinville range on the Kokoda course


15km/1hr 10/ 250m VG

Today was a pretty standard Monday and involved running over to and up a local big hill in Mudgeeraba called Wallaby Drive. For a road run right from my house it’s not a bad one and even gets 250m of vert gain going up wallaby drive. I do this run on Mondays as it’s a good shake out after the weekends proceedings and isn’t to hard and wont effect my Tuesday speed session.


Speed 8km

Hills 15km/70min/330m VG

As always on Tuesday morning I headed down to the Pizzey track to coach and run my speed squad. I really love Tuesday mornings, helping others with their running is something I thoroughly enjoy and I get a real sense of achievement helping others achieve good results.  The session was 2x (2×800 (400JR), 2×400 (200JR) @5km race pace, 30sec static then 2x 400m HARD 30sec static) this session was targeted solely at helping the squad develop a killer kick at the end of races, with the local 5km series coming up everyone was eager to out kick each other.

On Tuesdays I have also started backing up with a second run at lunch time with KSR team mate Dave Coombs. This run is a new addition to my training this year in an attempt to help get my weekly km’s up. The run is always on the road and over hills with about 250-350m of vert gain in 60-70min of running. I find this has been a good shake out run after the speed session and a great excuse to get away from my PC during the day.


17km/90min/500m VG

Today I went out before work and got in a lap of the Nerang Forest fire road. It’s a pretty standard loop in the forest used by all types of athlete’s. It’s not particularly challenging but has enough rolling hills to keep you honest. My legs weren’t really zippy this morning, probably due to the hard speed yesterday but it was nice to be back out in the dirt again, even if it was fire road.


Some of the the Fire Road in Nerang Forest


30km/2.20/ 330m VG

Knowing Tymeka and I were going away on the weekend for some “Us time” I wanted to get a long run done mid-week so I could enjoy myself “training free” over the weekend. I ended up attending a social 11km run in Burleigh that is a mix of road a single track, it’s always a nice run with good people and I tend to chat away the whole time. The pace during this group run is always subdued but I didn’t mind as it was nice to catch up with a few people I don’t usually see. After the group run I grabbed a couple of gels and a hand bottle and ran off to work in Coolangatta. The course to work is all road/path with some nice views of the ocean/beach the whole way. I found myself ticking off about 4.20 pace most of the way and it was nice to just get into grove, zone out and motor on.  Today I really felt like I could have run another 10-20km no worries if I had the time…a good sign in my books.

8/2/13 – Rest day away.



I few months ago Tymeka and I saw a trail in Yamba called the Angourie national trail. It appeared to go all the way from Yamba to Red Rock (65km) and followed a network of beaches and headland trails. This time back in Yamba we decided we would check it out. The run was really nice and made even better being out cruzing together (something we don’t usually get to do). It was very hot as we left at 11am (sleep in and coffee came first) so after our turn at 1 hour it was a very steamy run back to the car. I have given much thought to linking Yamba to Red rock (65km) and Red Rock to Coffs via Water World Ultra course (45km) in a single stage run since our outing on the track. The 110km beach/headland run is so appealing and I defiantly hope to get this link up done this winter!


Tymeka an accomplished Ultra marathoner herself. Here looking fresh (and excited about biscuits) at the 50km check point of the North Face 100km 2012

10/2/13 – Rest day away.

Distance: 105km
Time: 9hrs 24min
Vert: 1410m


15km/1:04/250m VG

The usual Monday Wallaby drive run however today my GPS didn’t want to work so I just ran to feel with my stop watch. It was a nice change and I powered up the hills today and found myself cruzing the flats with impeccable ease. Turns out I ran about 6min faster than usual on today’s run…..just goes to show sometimes you need to drop that watch away and run free. Overall I enjoyed the run and very happy with how the legs felt.


Speed: 5km (3km TT)

Hills: 11km/60min/250m

Today saw the first of my Warbus Running Time Trails for 2013. We did a warm up, drills and form work  then lined up for the 3km road TT. It was 2x 1.5km loops with 1x U-turn per lap. To be honest I wasn’t expecting great things from today’s TT for myself, firstly there was no one really to push me as local speed man James Webster was not there and I hadn’t been focusing on speed work or tempos for a few weeks due to my base training. My previous 3km PB was 9.30 that I set late last year. We started off and I went straight to the front of the group and just focused on settling in to a comfortable pace that wasn’t too HOT. I made an effort of not looking at my watch and instead just ran to feel.  I had Robbie from Insight Massage there to do the time keeping and when he called out my 1.5km time I remember thinking…wow that seems a little fast and I consciously backed off the pace a little as I didn’t want to fade. Around another time and a quick last 500m sprint home and Robbie called out 9.08 when I crossed the line. To say I was stunned would have been a gross understatement. I could not believe I had just run that time! Checking my watch it read splits of 3.01,3.06,3.01. This run has left me thinking that perhaps I can break that 9min barrier for 3k? Either way if I can turn this road speed to the trail I will be in good stead for this year’s racing.


10km/60min/650m VG

Today I got a great package in the mail from Expedition Equipment. A pair of ORANGE (fav colour) La Sportiva Helios. I have been waiting to get a pair of these shoes for some time now and could not wait to take them out on the most steepest trail I could. I chucked them on and headed out to the Bonogin/Austinville range (Kokoda Challenge course). With the first climb being 350m VG in only 800m of distance it’s a real quad killer! Up the range, traverse the ridge line and down the other side for a turn around and run back up over and down again. The shoes preformed really well, even above my expectations. They are super light but actually have a reasonable amount of cushioning underfoot (something I need for the downs) yet they still retain the 4mm drop…a perfect combination for a mountain runner.


La Spotiva Helios…IN ORANGE

The rest of the week!

The rest of this week hadn’t really gone to plan. I started to get a bit of acute heel/arch pain from really smashing the down hills on Wednesday (lesson learned). I took Thursday off, ran 17km Friday but had the pain return. In light of the importance of racing this year and after consulting my running conscious (Tymeka) and fellow team member and running physio Dave I also took Saturday and Sunday off running to nip this niggle in the butt and prevent anything serious happing. I had intended to do a 4 hour run on Saturday as a finial hit out before the Nerang State Forest 50km in March but have now pushed that back until next week. I have found that just a couple of days off and ice have really made a difference and as I sit here on Sunday my foot feels brilliant %100 but I will play the safe card and wait until tomorrow before I jump back into it again.

Remember one good run in training is nothing, Consistency is everything.


3 comments on “Caine Warburton – Training 4 -17 Feb

  1. Ben Dennien
    February 17, 2013

    awesome stuff Caine. Well done on the PB!

  2. Kirk Golding
    February 17, 2013

    Nice work Caine. Hope the heel is ok. Keep the updates coming. I’m training for my first TNF100 and its great to hear what the guys at the front end of the field do on a weekly basis. Gives us mere mortals a real insight!

    • kokodaspiritracing
      February 17, 2013

      Thanks Kirk. We appreciate your support. That’s so cool about TNF100 I hope your training is going well. Feel free to shoot us any questions you might may and we will try and help!

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