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Dave Coombs – Striking a Balance.

I love running.  Lets just get that straight from the start.  I love hitting the trails, finding new places to run and even take masochistic delight in my punishing wednesday morning speed sessions.  However, sometimes other aspects of life take priority.  Family, work, friends all need to be taken into consideration when planning a decent training program.  I find that if I let running become too dominant then other things are sacrificed (usually sleep and good nutrition) and this ends up making every part of life harder and less enjoyable.  I have therefore discovered that often the best way to get the most out of my training is to run less.  My recent traning has been typical of that and as I write this post on sunday night polishing off my third beer of the evening I think the balance this week has been just right!

Monday: Cross training.  A hard 20 minute full body workout based on the Zuu concept that I can sandwich in between patients at work.  This workout is hard but I always feel invigorated afterwards.

Tuesday: Road run 28km.  I was not planning to do this run when I woke this morning but the heavy rain made me very quiet at work and I decided to head out into the monsoon and run some solid hills around Bilambil Heights.

Wednesday: Zuu training again.  Started the workout feeling dull and sluggish and finished feeling strong and refreshed.

Thursday: Speed session. 1200m x 4 reps on a hilly circuit.  Completed at ‘not quite 5km pace’.  This is a great session that gives me the benefits of a speed session plus some practice running fast up and downhill.  I completed a few technique drills prior to the session.


Friday: Rest.  Busy day at work setting up my new website www.therunningphysio.net

Saturday: I felt like trying something a little different today so travelled to Byron Bay and ran the headland track.  This is only a 4km circuit but I completed 6 laps in a little over 2.5 hours.  The run involves masses of stairs and steep climbs and would serve as an excellent training run for anyone contemplating TNF100 in May.  Spent two hours in the afternoon pushing my lawnmower around the garden up and down some steep hills – cross training anyone!

Sunday: I was going to run today but ended up having a few afternoon beers instead.  Relaxation is very important for recovery!

My next race is the Nerang 50k, where I will be up against some very fast competition, not least my esteemed KSR teammates Ben Duffus and Caine Warburton.  I will have to wait and see whether my new relaxed training style bears fruit!



2 comments on “Dave Coombs – Striking a Balance.

  1. Kirk Golding
    February 25, 2013

    Hey Dave, and here I was thinking Byron was just for relaxing and letting the world pass you by! I might have to check out that headland track out in prep for TNF100. BTW, the strength program’s helping all my sore spots 🙂

    • kokodaspiritracing
      February 27, 2013

      Hi Kirk, yeah I did get a few funny looks from the tour buses at the lighthouse!

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