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Dave Coombs – Recovery is King.

This week was all about recovery. 

Monday 11th March

Bike 15 minutes. Stretching.  A bit of stiffness in both Achilles tendons.

Tuesday 12th March

Bike 15 minutes. Yoga.  Stiffness all gone, walking well.  Feel I could have run today.

 Wednesday 13th March

Busy day at work but happy to have a day off training.

 Thursday 14th March

40 minute run pushing kids in the pram (tough going especially pushing 50kg uphill!).


 Friday 15th March

30 minutes on a treadmill, easy pace 15% uphill gradient.

 Saturday 16th March

4 hours Trail Running Workshop (14km of running). 

Sunday 17th March

A bit of biking and running around with the kids 

Last weekend I competed in the Nerang 50k coming third behind Ben, and Rich Quirk, and only just ahead of Chris Dunn in an epic sprint finish.  I was very happy to notch up another 50k finish and although about 10 minutes shy of my goal pace the run gave me a genuine idea of what my fitness is like and what I need to work on in the coming months.  I have some big goals with the Kokoda Challenge and then some 100 mile races later in the year and early in 2014 and want to remain fit, fresh and injury free for as long as possible.

Nerang State Forest 50k Dave Coombs

The week following a race is all about recovery and listening to your body.  For me this means I didn’t run until Thursday but spent a bit of time on the bike, in the pool, and stretching.  I find that the more ultra events I do my recovery gets quicker and I am usually walking pain free within 24-48 hours.  I also use the down time following a race to reflect on my performance and set goals for the next few months.


Between now and July I am planning to knuckle down and start cranking up my weekly mileage to a consistent 100 to 120km per week.  Currently I am maintaining a leisurely 50km but have incorporated some speed training and sprints to build strength for the greater training volume to come.  A few weeks out from an event I may throw in an extra long run or a shorter faster race, but basically nothing beats consistent medium/high mileage for building the necessary strength, endurance and mental fortitude required for 100km+ racing.


The highlight of the week was on Saturday when I hosted the latest GCRC Trail Running Workshop in Nerang State Forest.  The workshop was a great success, it is always fun to share trails with likeminded people and I love passing on my experience to others.  We explored some of the lesser used mountain bike singletrack and a few of the more challenging and technical areas.


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