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Happy Birthday Ben Duffus

The 3rd July 2013 marked my (and my twin brother’s) 21st birthday, so just as every other person does on their 21st, I went for a long walk by myself in the woods. Nowhere out of the ordinary; for a few hours, I covered the same Mt Coot-tha trails that I have covered hundreds of times before. It seemed fitting to be in a place where I have spent much of the last couple years to contemplate my life thus far and to look towards the future.
One thing I know for sure, is that I certainly would not be where I am today without the tremendous support I have received from others. Although endurance activities are often perceived as being “individual” sports and even academic studies are seen as something that you work on alone, this really couldn’t be further from the truth. Looking back at all the races I have done over the years, there is little chance that I would have even reached the start line of most of them without the support of my wonderful family. They are always helping me pursue my passions with their time, effort, love and most importantly, money. One of the things I look forward to most about the upcoming Kokoda Challenge is the sense of mateship that suffering with three great friends brings. Running in a team is great; yes, there is 4x the chance of something going wrong, but the there are also 4x the number of voices saying, “You can push through this” if something does mess up. Someone is probably going to have a great day and someone is probably going to have a not-so-great day, but I know that if I am that person having an off day, then there is no group of people that I think could lift my spirits better or be more likely to pull me out of any physical rut, than the three mates I will be running with. I also couldn’t be more grateful to our fantastic crew that will be looking after us on the day and I hope that we do your efforts proud. I am very excited for the Kokoda Challenge and regardless of the result on the day, I know that I will be enjoying every minute of it.












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