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Final Prep – Caine Warburton




Well its the final week and with 2 days until the big Dance on Saturday I am getting pumped!

Training has been going well considering, and I have even logged the best 4 long runs all year in the previous 4 weeks!

On Saturday in amongst the hecticness that is the Gold Coast Marathon I managed to meet team mate Ben Duffus in the Forest for a final long run. The plan, 3hours over hills with the last 45min at tempo effort. Now this is the first time I have done tempo finishes to my long runs in quite a while so I was a bit apprehensive to start with.

Good mates, and matching compression gear....

Good mates make the tough runs easier!

We started a bit late, I was faffing with a new Nathan Vapour Wrap pack I had just bought (and wanted to quickly test before using in Kokoda) whilst also sorting out the new Compression gear I had just picked up from our compression partners Compressport. Never the less we did get away and where off and running….a 1:30pm start.

For the first 2hours we ran over the hilliest section of the Nerang 50k course and despite it being an easy pace I was suffering, my legs where dead and heavy and I lacked my usual zip. Ben was cruzing, as usual, but the pace was quicker than slow as we ticked off 5min flat pace over the hills. As we approached the 2.15 mark I mentioned to Ben that I felt rubbish and wasn’t sure how I would fair on the 45min tempo effort, in typical team mate fashion Ben ignored my whinge and took off down the single track with a casual “tempo starts now mate”!!

Some of the sweet single track

Some of the sweet single track

Slightly shocked by the pace in which Ben just bounded away I thought to myself, give it 5min and if you blow up you blow up. So I took off after Ben, flying down the technical single track – whipping around hairpins, running up berms, over logs, across the dodgy wooden bridges Nerang is famous for and through the creeks…suddenly I noticed it…I felt great, the faster pace was brilliant I felt a million bucks as we sped along at what would be half marathon pace effort.

I was surprised with the ease in which I was able to run with Ben, don’t get me wrong I was pushing hard but I had expected Ben (with his current insane fitness) to leave me for dead by the first bend. It was great run and a good chance to really run hard over technical single track, something I don’t get that much of a chance to do made all the more fun by doing it with such a good mate, 3hours, 1000m of vert and 35km done!



During todays run I trialled a few new things in prep for Kokoda.
Compressport Trail shorts – Great with their sticky grip on the legs to help with the hands on knees power hiking we will experience in the Kokoda.

Compressport Trail Shorts

Compressport Trail Shorts

Nathan Vapor Wrap vest – There are still many functions of this pack I am yet to figure out but the most important of all is that I didn’t notice it at all while running, exactly what I want form a long distance pack.

Nathan Vapor Wrap

Nathan Vapor Wrap

La Sportiva Helios – I haven’t run in my Helios for a while due to my foot issue and big hill training which have steered me more towards the grip of the Anakondas. Today I just wanted to see how they felt after a while on my feet – All was good and I plan to use these as a back up shoe in my drop bag, something I will turn to if I find I need a bit more underfoot cushion as the Helios have a very nice foam underfoot.


La sportive Helios

La sportive Helios


Well that is about it, we have our crew sorted – Thanks must be made to Delina Rahmate who is our crew leader for the day. I know we will be in good hands with Delina, as a very accomplished Ultra runner herself she knows what we need and when – Priceless experience.

We cant wait, and we hope everyone else is as pumped for the event as we are.

Happy running

Caine Warburton

One comment on “Final Prep – Caine Warburton

  1. Kirk
    July 10, 2013

    Best of luck guys, bring that title back to QLD 🙂 BTW, is that a new Hoka range on Ben’s feet?

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