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August Training Update – Ben Duffus

My training throughout August can be summarised in one word:


End of article.

But seriously, the specific details can be found here, but overall I have been extremely pleased with how my training has been post Kokoda Challenge. After suffering a series of different niggles and minor injuries between TNF100 and Kokoda Challenge (none too serious, but the worst of which was a badly rolled ankle which required a week of no running), it has been a welcomed relief to have a consistent, injury free, build up towards Surf Coast Century (SSC is on 21st September). Of course I am by no means in the clear yet and still have a few weeks of opportunity to do something stupid! However, the bulk of training is now behind me and that annoying period known as “tapering” will soon be upon me.

Image from the SSC course from Rapid Ascent

Image from the SSC course from Rapid Ascent

Since Kokoda I had dabbled in some shorter races, namely Pomona King of the Mountain, Lake Manchester Trail run and next week (7th September) the 30km at GH100s (my Dad will be reminding me that I am the softy of the family by running the 100 miler), to prove to myself that running ultras improves speed rather than hinders it. While the Pomona race probably has the most vertical gain/loss per kilometer of any race in Queensland (I would love for someone to point out a race with more so I can enter it!), the other two are much flatter. Racing in these events will hopefully hold me in good stead for the flat SSC course, where I will be up against flat speed demons such as defending champion Rowan Walker and Brendan Davies (who is really an all-terrain and any distance speed demon), just to name a few.

Unlike Pomona, SSC will not have any lengthy sections that require the use of ropes or chains - image from Massive Dynamix

Unlike Pomona, SSC will not have any lengthy sections that require the use of ropes or chains – image from Massive Dynamix

Of course, life has been filled with much more than simply running (though such a lifestyle would be rather enjoyable!) and to say that my final semester of undergraduate physics has been hectic would be understatement. Throw in tutoring, life in general and time spent contemplating what I will do with myself next year after undergrad and suddenly life becomes rather busy. Whilst physically I am feeling the best I have ever felt, my planned 3 week break from training post SSC will hopefully do a world of good towards taking some pressure off these other time commitments. I hope that last bit didn’t sound too negative (it wasn’t intended to be!), but I’m sure it is something most people can relate to. Hopefully I haven’t jinxed myself by writing this article, and this good run (pun intended) of training will continue into September and culminate in an enjoyable SSC!

SSC will have creek crossings! - image from Dreamsport

SSC will have creek crossings! – image from Dreamsport

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