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The Juggling Act.


Hills....Get them in or get out the way!

Hills….Get them in or get out the way!

Life is Busy….its perhaps a very basic statement but one that has resonated with me of late. The last few weeks have been exceptionally busy and with so many competing priority’s it has been a real challenge to find the right balance between them all! I would be lying if I said that changing careers at the 11th hour whilst in preparation for our first baby and  juggling coaching, reviews and the management of Team KSR and the GCRC project didn’t have an impact on my running….so I am not going to!  However what I will say is no matter what you can always find time…there are always efficiency’s to be found in ones routine and in the worst case occasionally a list needs to be made and those things that are not at the top need to take a back seat!

With that said the last 3 weeks of training have been pretty consistent for me although I am still not training at full capability I feel like I have lifted (especially in the last 1-2weeks) to about 80%.  I have managed to keep the majority of my niggles under control , in no small part due to the magic coaching ability of Andy and a budget for rehab I am not willing to disclose…well at least not to my wife! I have also been getting in some much needed vertical accent and Hell I even managed to win a race! (Numinbah to pollys KOM)

Receiving the biggest trophy I own for the KOM title!

Receiving the biggest trophy I own for the KOM title!

The focus since Alice Springs has been on the trail and the hills. It’s required a major mental shift and one that I am still working on as it’s been some time since I have had the physical ability (niggles wise) to hammer hard up steep climbs and to be honest I struggled with unlocking my mental governors and allowing myself to push to the limit physically. Thankfully I have started to see some positive results in this area and hope, with continued effort, to improve this considerably before the Lake Mountain Skyrun later this month.


So here is a wrap of the last few weeks.


Monday 9th Sep:

Rest day

Tuesday 10th Sep:

60min/0 Vert/ 10km

Track work: Easy track session this week just to test out my niggly groin. 2x (5x400m moderate, 400m easy). Good set sitting around 1.20s for the on’s , felt around 1/2marathon pace. I always enjoy track work and it’s a real staple of my training now days.

Wednesday 11th Sep:

70min/800m Vert/ 9km

This is were the hills start in my program from now on. Easy paced run today all about just getting max Vert in spent all the time dropping off and climbing up the Austinville range. Up Bonogin1, down/up Austinville entry, down up Bonogin 2, part down/up Horse trail 1, Down Bonogin 1. Today I got a chance to check out a few climbs on the range I haven’t seen before – Bonogin 2 and Horse Trail 1. There has been a dozer out there clearing the fire breaks and this has chewed up the surface so most of the climbs where quite lose. Horse Trail 1 has to be the steepest hill in the area, around 32-35% Id guess. Hiked the majority of
the steep ups today as it was an easy day, also got a chance to practice my hike/run transitions.

Thursday 12th Sep:

68min/800m Vert/ 9km

Hills reps today. 4x 7min hard up, easy down on Bonogin 1. Did the reps to the intersection with Austinville entry. Got two out before blowing a bit at the end of the third. The fourth was pure survival. Need to work on my mental focus on the long up hill reps. Finished off with 3x 20sec power efforts to get the legs turning over again.

Friday 13th September

Running specific exercises and rest day

Saturday 14th Sep:

2:25hr/1600m vert/ 18km

Long run over the Austinville range, main aim to get most vert possible. Up Bonogin 1, D/U Austinville 1, D/U Bonogin 2, D/U Austinville 2, D/U Bonogin 2, D/U Austinville 1, D/U Bonogin 1 then an easy 20min along the rolling entry fire road. Was a really tough session with LOTs of Power hiking but good to get the Vert in the legs.

Sunday 15th Sep:


Had a hit out at the Numinbah to Pollys race today. Went in the shorter option of 18km, the race also included a King of the Mountain (KOM) category in which the first person in any of the distances (18,32,45) to run over the pollys summit and back won the KOM. Going into the race my main goal was to practice running faster up hill as lately most of hill training has been pretty slow. In reality the up hill was OK but lacked a lot of power, my descending was pretty good though so happy with that and still managed to tick of 3.20-30s on the last 2k of flat back to the finish. Good run picked up 1st in the 18km and KOM.



On a mission to find Gold Coast vert...found it!

On a mission to find Gold Coast vert…found it!

Monday 16th Sep:

Rest/ Some running exercises.

Tuesday 17th Sep:

Rest – Was meant to be speed today but my groin was a bit rough so took an extra day off.

Wednesday 18th Sep:


Speed session today. Was on the road with work so no access to a track as usual. Did the reps on some slightly undulating road – wind was pretty strong as well. 6x 1km @ 1/2marathon pace , 500m @ Long run pace. 3:22,3:25,3:22,3:29,3:23,3:19 Pace today was about half marathon or slightly quicker. Still not 100% back into speed just nursing that groin.


Thursday 19th Sep:


Hill reps today. Finally got to catch up with Moritz after his Transalpine run – Always happy to have a training partner for these sessions. Goal was 4x7min climbs as 2min hard 30sec easy. Was a good run did it on the Pollys climb and found it much easier mentally with Mo pushing me along. Nice hard threshold session to start the day.

Friday 20th Sep:


Long run today on tired legs. Goal was to do 2x Big pollys loop but I rolled my ankle bad on the first big descent at 36min in. Had a little sit down for a few minutes and walk then managed to hobble down the descent, surprisingly the ankle was OK on the climbs so I pushing the big climb up the back and actually felt really good – starting to feel like I am dialling that long distance climbing economy again! Did 1000m Vert in the first 10km but then had to retire to the road as the ankle was rubbish at 1:34 so I ran from the pollys carpark up Sprinngbrook mountain road (8km @3-5% no break) and back which was OK but a little disappointed I didn’t get my 2000m vert as I planned.

Saturday 21st Sep:


Was meant to be a rest day today but Tymeka and I headed down to park run for a social jog and what I had planned to be a very easy jog turned into a bit of a hit out as my competitive side got the best of me. Pretty good negative split as the first 2km where at 3.40. Legs could feel the last few days of running so was a good confidence boost to push hard on tired legs.


Sunday 22nd Sep:

2hours/1010m/ 20km

Strength run today. 30min W/U on Springbrook road – legs felt pretty flat. 2x full running reps of Pollys with a 5kg pack. 18:06 up, 10:20 down, 18:20 up, 10:32 down. Felt good on first rep and moved well up the steeper sections. Second rep was a little tougher but still managed a good powerful finish. Then did another 30min up Springbrook road. Probably could have gone a little harder today in hindsight but all in all good session.


7:45/ 3410m/83

Its not all running.....the slackline has been keeping us entertained as well

Its not all running…..the slackline has been keeping us entertained as well

Monday 23rd Sep:

Running specific exercises. 40min


Tuesday 24th Sep:


Track work: 4x (4×400 @74-76sec, 15sec recovery) 3min recovery between sets. Was a good run today, warm up was a bit rough but settled into the first and felt fantastic all session.  Running bang on 74-76sec felt easy and surprised how well I cleared lactic in the 15 sec rests. Had Ben Malby keeping me honest so nice change to have someone else lead out a few reps.

Wednesday 25th Sep:


Road run today with Moritz. Headed over the Wallby drive hill over and back. Solid little run and the most km Vs time I have had in a while. Felt good during the climbs today and feel like that long distance climbing form is returning. Managed to tick off most of the run under 4.30s but of course the 5km of climbing blew the average out to 4.35.

Thursday 26th Sep


Hill reps.  4 x 10min climbs as (90sec hard, 15sec easy). Ended up only getting 3 full reps on the trail then 1x 90sec of the 4th before blowing up. Ran the 2nd and 3rd descents hard. Finished off with 2x 90sec efforts on the Springbrook road to make up for missing out on the last rep. Was a hard session and felt like perhaps I went out too hard but better than going easy.

Friday 27th Sep


Long run on tired legs. Felt pretty rubbish today and could feel the hill reps from yesterday in my legs. Ran in Nerang and did out and back on the first 15km of the 50k course over the biggest hills. Surprisingly though still managed to tick away up hill at a better pace than expected for how I felt. All in all a tough run in the heat and glad I got it over with.

Saturday 28th Sep


Sunday 29th Sep


Strength run in Nerang with 5kg pack. Headed out with Arkinstall was a swift warm up pace (made even harder with the pack). Did 2x hard reps of the long climb 9min and 8:40 where the splits. Arky had me on the douche grade but I reeled him in and left him behind on the steeper section at the end. Was a good couple of reps with a fast descent between. Emptied a lot of water out afterwards (down to 1.5-2kg) and the last hour of fun was at a brisk pace including some sweet Nerang single trail to finish. Felt really good today.


Its definatley summer in QLD and so begins not wearing a shirt running for the next 8 months

Its definitely summer in QLD and so begins not wearing a shirt running for the next 8 months



Monday 30th Sep

Running specific exercises

Tuesday 1st Oct


Speed session: 4x (800m (15sec),400). Felt good today ran the 8’s in 2.28-2.29 and the 4’s in 1.14. Felt strong and no issues.

Wednesday 2nd Oct


Ran a reverse standard loop in Nerang with Moritz. Tacked on the three hills single trail at end and ended up having a 15-20min fast finish. Felt good today and warmed into it well and the fast finish was nice. Great to have some company on these runs.

Thursday 3rd Oct


Hill reps today. 2x hard up with 2min hard flat running at top, Hard decent with a 2min hard flat at bottom. Felt pretty rubbish during the warm up but as soon as a I started the reps I felt good. Definitely pushed hard and all the reps where about 90-95% of my max ability. Good practice running fast on lactic legs.


Wow cant believe you managed to get through all that! Congrats!

Until next time – Happy Running!

Caine Warburton

Ron Hill/Lasportiva/Endura


2 comments on “The Juggling Act.

  1. Ben Dennien
    October 3, 2013

    always inspirational Caine…. thanks!

  2. Juddy
    October 3, 2013

    Getting some serious vert in those legs mate! You’re going to have to explain your naming of the Austinville/Bonogin hills for me…

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