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Recovery…its very important! -Caine Warburton


Well its been some time since my last blog ….unfortunately after the win at K2D in December my big year of racing caught up with me and my niggles started to get the best of body.

However after about 2 months of zero to minimal running I have just hit my first 100km week which I toped off with 8km of track repetitions and once again have found the importance of recovery!.

Over the last few years I have tired just about everything to try and dial In my recovery strategy.  I am under no illusion that my ability to recover between sessions and races is the only thing that’s going to keep me (and anyone else for that matter) running strong through the competitive season.

So after much research and testing I have found the below things used in combination with each other to be the most effective.

Ice – After every hard session or on any sore spots (20min durations with 10min breaks for about 1hour in total)

Stretching – After every session and really at any time you can fit it in during the day, my job requires a lot of sitting so I take the time to stretch numerous times during the day.


Massage – A regular massage from a good sports masseuse is really key to keeping the body in check. Personally I see Robbie at Insight Massage and regularly use a foam roller to keep my legs fresh between visits.

Compression – Post session compression is something that I have only recently started using but I can already see the benefits, its aids in the circulation of blood and supports the muscles during the day after a hard session. I regularly wear compressport compression for quads to bed after particularly hard days.


Nutrition  – This is perhaps the biggest area for improvement in most runners and personally I am still working out the whole “sports diet”. However supplement wise a good quality protein/carbohydrate mix taken within 30min of the training session will ensure you muscles are primed and ready to rock for the next day. I take a 1:2 mix of Endura Optimizer and Endura Maintain with milk.

Active Recovery – This can be as simple as walking around during the work day/avoiding sitting down right after the session to an actual low intensity & low impact exercise session. Personally I use a combination of the two depending on the time I have available.

So with any luck this recovery plan will see me fit for the rest of the year and help get me in fighting shape for the Buffalo stampede, Kokoda challenge and Gold Coast 100km.

Until next time

Run Hard, Think Big , Be Strong

Caine Warburton


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