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Ben Duffus – Training Diary: 18th to 27th April

Friday 18th April: W/U exercises + 90min on Mt Coot-tha including 43min of hard uphill/downhill reps + W/D exercises

I was feeling great in today’s session and had a lot of fun going hard on my local hill.


Saturday 19th April: W/U exercises + 4 hours at Springbrook and Purlingbrook including 60min stair reps + W/D exercises

Met up with KSR team mate Caine Warburton for today’s run.  I had wanted to come out to Spingbrook/Purlingbrook for a while now as it one of the few locations in South-East Queensland that has a descent amount of stairs to train on.  In previous years I haven’t done any stair training before TNF100, so I want to change that for this year! I felt strong the whole time and felt by the end like I was gaining some more confidence descending on stairs (I have previously felt better ascending stair than descending them).


Sunday 20th April: W/U exercises + 4 hours on Mt Warning including 60min of hard uphill + W/D exercises

Today’s run was about getting use to long (1000m+ ascent) but runnable climbs (and descents) since I felt at the Buffalo Stampede that I was quite comfortable on the steep stuff but the long runnable climbs/descents really got to me. I felt really good today which is an encouraging sign.


Monday 21st April: 60 min cycling on Mt Coot-tha + Strength and Core exercises

I was surprised at the lack of soreness from the weekend.


Tuesday 22nd April: W/U exercises + 2hr30min min on Mt Coolum including 102min of hard uphill/downhill reps + W/D exercises

Today was another great stair training session. I was very consistent in my times for the reps throughout the session and felt like I gained even more confidence on the descents.


Wednesday 23rd April: W/U exercises + 90 min on Mt Coot-tha + W/D exercises

Just an easy run today to recover from yesterday’s hard session


Thursday 24th April: 60 min cycling on Mt Coot-tha + Strength and Core exercises

I was feeling nice and recovered in today’s session and looking forward to a big few days of training to come.


Friday 25th April: W/U exercises + 2hr30min min on Mt Coot-tha including 60min tempo session + W/D exercises

Today kicked off what will be my biggest 3 days of training for TNF100. Overall it was a great session and I really enjoyed moving quickly over a variety of terrain.


Saturday 26th April: W/U exercises + 7 hours on Mt Warning + W/D exercises

Again, I met up with Caine and we ran together for the first 4 hours but we probably went a bit harder than I would have done so by myself for a 7 hour run. So the last 3 hours were a bit slower (not by choice!), but I was really happy with it because I felt like I got to go into “ultra-mode” for those last 3 hours. I was very lucky to bump into a local trail runner in my final hour as he helped me to keep working hard when I needed it the most!


Sunday 27th April: W/U exercises + 4 hours at Pollies including 60min of hard uphill + W/D exercises

I was very glad to be running with Caine today as he really helped push me after a long outing the day before. Having said that, we still ran much more much conservatively today! Even though the pace wasn’t especially quick, I was surprised at how strong I was still feeling on all the climbs.


Thanks Caine for some great runs!

Thanks Caine for some great runs!

Total Time Running: 27 hours

Total Time Cycling: 2 hours

Total Ascent: 16 495m (measured by Suunto Ambit2)


This block of training has given me a lot of confidence going into TNF100 for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I actually now have a little bit of stair training in my legs as well as several long sustained climbs/descents. And secondly, I really felt in the last weekend like I found my “go-all-day” gear that never seemed to kick in at the Buffalo Stampede. I’m sure I will need it at TNF100! As always, my training program was created by Andy Dubois at Mile27 Personal Training.


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