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Kokoda Spirit

The Kokoda Track is more than just a trail that runs through the rugged mountains of Pupa New Guinea from Owers Corner near Port Moresby, northward to the village of Kokoda. The mountainous and muddy terrain of the Owen Stanley mountain range is littered with tree roots, combined with hot and humid days and cold nights it makes the track a physical challenge for even the fittest athletes. It is a testament to the Australian digger’s spirit that in WWII, Australian soldiers successfully held off advancing Japanese forces along this infamous track. Outnumberd, under supplied, wrought with tropical diseases and under constant gunfire, in July of 1942 Australian diggers first made the trek to Kokoda.

Australian diggers on the Kokoda track

Australian diggers on the Kokoda track

Although the war has long since ended, the track remains as a living and breathing memorial to the brave soldiers who fought and died protecting those they love and future generations of Australians.

Views on the Kokoda track

Views on the Kokoda track

Despite the incredible difficulties faced by the soldiers, they always believed they would prevail. This belief stemmed not only from the courage of the individuals but also from the support of their mates. The spirit of the Kokoda diggers lives on in all Australians and this is why Australians continue to make the journey along the Kokoda track. The that inspiration people draw from walking in the footsteps of heroes enriches their lives and reconnects them with the persevering spirit of the place.

The ultimate trekking experience

The ultimate trekking experience

To experience the Kokoda track for yourself with the benefit of world-class tour guides with an in-depth knowledge of the track and its history visit Kokoda Spirit for more information.

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