Kokoda Spirit Racing

Trials and tribulations of the KSR trail running team.

The Team

 Ben Duffus

D.O.B.: 03/07/1992


My passion is to totally engage myself physically, mentally and spiritually in all that I do. Mountains provide me with the perfect setting to surround myself with unspoilt beauty and also serve as a playground in which I can test my physical and mental limits. I currently study physics and mathematics at university in the pursuit of better understanding the universe in which we exist.

As a child, I loved typical Australian team sports such as cricket and rugby. The swimming pool was where I first learnt the dedication, patience and strength required to succeed in endurance sports and life in general. It was not until high school that I discovered both the pain and pleasure that running can bring through pleasing results and painful injuries.

Once out of high-school, I followed my heart into the mountains and was blessed with the opportunity to fulfil my childhood dream of representing my country in the sporting arena and competed at the World Mountain Running Championships as a Junior in 2010 and 2011. While I was enthralled with the mountains in Europe, I could not help but wish to run further and hence in 2012 began running ultramarathons.

It is my dream to experience the most beautiful landscapes in the world and to share those experiences with others. Running serves as the ideal mechanism for me to be fully engrossed with my surroundings while still optimising my time spent by experiencing as much as possible, as quickly as possible.



  • QLD All Schools Cross Country Champion: 2008, 2009
  • 5000m PB: 15:36
  • 10km Road PB: 33:01

Mountain Running


  • 2nd Under 20 Male: Australian Mountain Running Championships
  • 1st Under 20 Male: Queensland Mountain Running Championships
  • 53rd Under 20 Male: World Mountain Running Championships


  • 6th Under 20 Male: Australian Mountain Running Championships
  • 4th Under 20 Male: Queensland Mountain Running Championships
  • 45th Under 20 Male: World Mountain Running Championships


  • 2012 Wildhorse Criterium (60km): 1st in 4:52
  • 2012 Kokoda Challenge (96km): 2nd Business team in 13:48
  • 2013 Hares and Hounds (55km): 1st solo runner in 4:20
  • 2013 Nerang State Forest (50km): 1st in 4.12.51 (CR)
  • 2013 TNF100: 7th in 10:18
  • 2013 Kokoda Challenge (96km): 1st in 12.24
  • 2013 Surf Coast Century 100km: 1st 8.26


  • 2011 Pinnacles Classic (18km): 2nd in 1:22
  • 2011 Washpool World Heritage Trail (25km): 1st in 1:56
  • 2013 Mt Glorious 24km trail race: 1st  in 1:42
  • 2013 Pinnacles Classic (18km): 1st in 1:17:25 (CR)
  • 2013 Pomona King of the Mountain (4.5km): 1st in 24.22
  • 2013 Lake Manchester Trails 22km: 1st in 1.39.04 (CR)
  • 2014 Shotover Moonlight Marathon NZ 1st place

Caine Warburton

DOB: 21/12/1987caine-warburton-4-sml

Mountains…I love them…its as simple as that. Ever since I ran my first race in the mountains back in 2009 I have had yearning to be out running in them  every day. I enjoy the punishing beauty that accompanies the mountains and for me Ultra marathon’s are just an excuse to spend longer doing something I love. Initially fitness and weight loss drove me to pull on my shoes but before long local minor running successes and an established healthy lifestyle added to my motivation. In 2010 I completed my first Ultra marathon side by side with my wife (at time girlfriend) and capped of a great day/night running with a successful finish line marriage proposal. Since then a move from Darwin to the Gold Coast in 2011 gave me the chance to get into mountains, hills and trails daily from which my passion resulted in an advancement of my running ability.

I am very excited about prospects of Kokoda Spirit Racing (KSR) both from a personal running and a community engagement perspective.  My vision is that KSR will help bring awareness to our sport and encourage others to get out the door and explore the great wilderness around them whilst acting as a platform to launch quality Australian runners into the international spotlight.

Recent Results


1st Great Ocean run 45km (redrock)
1st Glasshouse Tour – 50km event
1st Lake Manchester Trails – 22km
1st Rainbow Beach Trail race – 45km
1st Rainbow beach 10km (day before above).
1st Overall Glasshouse trail running series
1st Trex off road endro triathlon race 2.
1st Salt 5km road race.
2nd Glass house Cook tour – 30km
2nd Kurrawa to Duranbah – 50km road
3rd Glass house Flinders tour – 50km


1st Nerang State Forest 50km +  Course record
1st Lake Manchester trails 6km + Course record
1st Gold Coast Bulletin 5km
2nd Australian Defence Force Cross country championships 7km


1st Kurrawa to Duranbah 50km + Course record
1st Alice Springs Ultra 60km
1st Numinbah to Pollies 18km
1st King of the Mountain – Numinbah to Pollies
1st Up the Buff Trail race 25km + Course record
1st Run Wild St Albert Marathon + Course record
1st Nerang Short Course Trail Race 2 – Soleus 6km +Course record
1st Nerang Short Course Trail Race 3- Soleus 6km + New course record
2nd Lake Mountain Sky Run 34km
2nd Pinnacles Classic 18km
2nd Edmonton Police Half Marathon
7th The North Face 50km
8th Oceania Championships 5000m
Bronze medal mixed medley relay Oceania Championships


1st Wangaratta Marathon + Course record
1st La Sportiva Razorback 38km + Course record
1st Up the Buff 25km + Course record
2nd Buffalo Stampede 75km
2nd Bon Accord Vertical Km

Other achievements

2011 Gold coast marathon official 3hour pace runner
2013 Oceania Championships representative – North Australia team / Australian Defence Force.

42k Pb: 2:38
21k Pb: 74:56
5km Pb: 16.01
3km Pb: 9.08
1km PB: 2:40

Dave Coombs


Glasshouse 100 2011

DOB:…… ‘Old Man of the Team’!

My love of the mountains and outdoor sports started at a very young age with family holidays to the Snowdonia National Park in North Wales. I have always been drawn to the mountains and been attracted by sports that allow me to explore and test myself in the natural landscape. Mountain biking, rock climbing and trail running are all passions of mine.

I started running competitively in the mountains in ‘fell’ races in the UK in 2006. These are generally short fast and highly technical races in rugged steep terrain. Since moving to Australia I have sought longer challenges and now compete in ultra running events up to 160km in length. I love the mental challenge of these longer events and the immense sense of satisfaction in coming through something so difficult.

Running provides me with an outlet for my competitive side and importantly, one that is compatible with family life and a busy working life as a physiotherapist specialising in running injuries and technique coaching.  It is my passionate belief that anyone can benefit from the power of running and that many of the barriers that non-runners typically associate with running such as injuries, fatigue, or pain are simply products of poor technique and can be easily overcome.   There is a runner in all of us!

I would love to hear from you if you have any questions about training, running technique, injuries, physiotherapy, or coaching.  Please contact me at david.coombs@physiologic.com.au or visit my website therunningphysio.



  • 6th Bogong to Hotham 65k


  • 3rd Nerang State Forest 50k
  • 3rd Mt Glorious 24km
  • 3rd Pinnacles Classic 18k
  • 1st Brisbane Kokoda Challenge (30km team event)
  • 1st Kokoda Challenge (96km team event)


  • 1st Kurrawa to Duranbah 50k
  • 1st Tomewin Mountain Challenge 21k
  • 1st SALT 10k series (PB 33:18)
  • 16th Kokoda Challenge (96km team event)


  • 3rd= Glasshouse 100mile
  • 1st SALT 10k series
  • 4th Flinders 50k
  • 17th The North Face 100k
  • 2nd Nerang 50k
  • 1st CR Pinnacles Classic 18k
  • 1st Mini Kokoda 32km
  • 1st Hare and Hounds 50k


  • 1st= Glasshouse 100mile
  • Starter Ultra Trail du Mount Blanc (race cancelled)
  • 1st= Flinders 50k
  • 10th The North face 100k
  • 1st Pinnacles Classic 18k
  • 1st CR Mini Kokoda 32km
  • 3rd Mt Glorious 32km
  • 54th Gold Coast Marathon 2:45
  • 4th Hare and Hounds 50k


  • 3rd Great North Walk 100k
  • 1st Pinnacles Classic 18k
  • Bronze The North Face 100 (my 1st 100k!)

Dan Nunan

DOB 21/09/1983Danpic1

Even though I didn’t start training for running until my mid teens, the concepts of ‘running’ and ‘mountains’ have been linked in my head for as long as I can remember.  I can vividly recall sitting in a car as a kid, imagining running ridgelines all the way along the Great Dividing Range from the muggy rainforests of SE Queensland to the cool, exposed peaks of the Victorian high country.

As it turned out, running long distances came relatively easily for me.  I was the worst player in the footy team, but I always seemed to be the last to get tired.  In high school my competitive spirit got the better of me and with the help of Ashgrove Rangers coaching guru John Purcell I was able to go from a district cross country mid-packer to running a sub-32min 10km just before my 17th birthday.

My long-term plan (fast half marathons > fast marathons > knee reconstruction > slow marathons > Comrades > motorised scooter) faltered at the first hurdle, with stomach troubles and a recurring calf injury limiting me to slow, short runs only.  I never stopped training, but was unable to make myself competitive and all but retired from racing by my mid-20s.  Then in 2010 I heard there was a race from (Victoria’s highest peak) Mt Bogong to Mt Hotham and I knew I had to do it, competitively or not.  I started building up the mileage again, and found that my stomach issues had virtually disappeared and that my calf was untroubled by the slow training.

A few years down the trail, I’m running ultras competitively and loving it.  Getting the opportunity to run the famously unforgiving Kokoda terrain (with a team of accomplished hillsmen) is an exciting challenge that I can’t (and won’t) take lightly.  Team ultra running is all about Mateship, Endurance, Courage and Sacrifice, so I can’t wait to get out onto the course with team Kokoda Spirit Racing and give it all I’ve got!

PBs (back in the day):

3,000m:  9:00
5,000m: 15:19
10,000m: 31:56
10km road: 32:20
12km XC:  39:59
1/2 marathon: 74:something

Recent Results:

2011 Pinnacles Classic:  1hr 29min, 4th
2011 Glasshouse Cook’s Tour 50km:  4hrs 40min, 1st
2011 Brisbane Half Marathon:  1hr 19min, 6th
2012 Bogong to Hotham (shortened, 35km):  4hrs 49min, 17th
2012 Mt Glorious Trail Run 20km:  2hrs 2min, 4th
2012 Glasshouse Cook’s Tour 50km:  4hrs 20min, 2nd
2012 Glasshouse100 100km: 9hrs 28min, 2nd
2014 LA sportiva razorback 64km 2nd

Moritz Auf Der Heide (Moe)

D.O.B. 3/11/1987

Running did not come to me naturally but I am more than glad my parents gave me a little push!vAfter taking me along some of their runs when I was about 12 years old I grew into somewhat liking it.

But it wasn’t until my mum set her PB of 3:18:00 on the marathon distance that I developed some kind of passion for it. After talking about it for years I finally pushed myself to train for a full marathon with the mission to beat my mums time.

After going from about 10km per week to more than 80 I finished my first marathon (Detroit) in 2:52:00 and was hooked. It seemed crazy that I had run sub 3hours on my first ever marathon and I wondered how far I could take it.

Another 2 years passed though before I took the next step and did my first ultra. A friend had invited me to join him on the highly prestigious Transalpine Run in Europe. It turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. 8 beautiful days of pure running in nature. I couldn’t have asked for more! This race was a key moment for me and pretty much changed the way I saw running.

Just like all the other guys at KSR I enjoy and don’t want to miss the freedom of running in the mountains and the surrounding nature. To me it is less about the speed or personal bests now and more about the sensation of moving comfortably with every single step you take in an environment that most people don’t get to experience anymore these days.

On a trail around every bend there is something new to see and this unpredictability is what entices me over and over again. May it be in a race or during a training run. I even avoid looking at a races profile before the start because I like the challenge of having to adapt to the unknown awaiting you.

Of course you want to do well in a race and first place is desirable, but to me it is more of a personal challenge. Pushing myself to new limits, that before I thought were not possible make my life more exciting. I can also relate to that in my every day life in terms of motivation and drive.

Running is now a part of me!



-Detroit Marathon USA 2:52:00 (debut)


-Bonn Marathon GERMANY 2:43:31

-Berlin Marathon GERMANY 2:38:57

-Drachenlauf GERMANY (25km/950m vertical) 1:54:40 2nd

-KoBoLT GERMANY (140km/4446m vertical) 17:28:00 1st

-Fisherman’s Friend Strongman Run GERMANY (21km/20 obstacles) 1:43:04 5th

-Gore-Tex Transalpine Run EUROPE (320km/16,000m vertical) 38:00:29 4th individual ranking after partner dropped out


-10,000m Australian Uni Championships – 4th / 34:47 

-Gold Coast Marathon – 25th / 2:37:39 

-Melbourne Marathon – 20th / 2nd Australian Uni Championships / 2:30:55

-Gore-Tex Transalpine Run (260km/16,000m vertical) – 15th team overall / 33:20:21

-Ned Kelly Chase 100km – 1st / 7:39:13 / fastest 100km time in AUS in 2013

-Kingscliff Triathlon (olympic distance) – 27th / 2:03:17 / tri-debut

-Kurawa2Duranbah 30km – 3rd / 1:52:14

-Canberra 70.3 Ironman – 26th / 3rd in age-group / 4:24:43 / qualification for world champs 2014 in Canada


-Hares and Hounds (55km / 500m vertical) – 1st / 3:50:41 / new course record

-Mt Buller Sky Run (45km / 2400m vertical) – 1st / 4:15:33 / missed course record by less than a minute

-Mt Glorious Trail Race (22km / 1200m vertical) – 1st / 1:48:26 / new course record

-Mt Buller Vertical K (8km / 1100m vertical) – 3rd / 58:54

-Vibram Tarawera Ultramarathon (73.5km / 2500m vertical) – 7th / 6:22:21

One comment on “The Team

  1. Marc Meunier
    May 8, 2013

    Caine, great marathon last weekend in St Albert, Canada. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip in Canada. I hope to make it down to your end of the world one day for some running. Check out the article: http://www.stalbertgazette.com/article/20130508/SAG1101/305089963/-1/sag/aussie-crowned-runwild-champion

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